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Now available as an E-Book!
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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Korea Cross Country

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At 9:00 AM on May 3rd, 2008, I began what would be the greatest ride of my life (so far.) I traveled down the Korean peninsula from my home in Ansan (30 miles from N Korean border) to Jindo, the southernmost landlocked tip of South Korea. Here is the trip and its highlights divided by days:

5.3.2008 Saturday

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Traveled south and encountered crystal clear mountain resevoirs and gorgeous plains. Met a Canadian biker named Greg and his Honda 750 in Chungcheon-Buk-Do. We toured a temple set back in the western mountains before parting ways. I traveled on toward Hampyeon but ended up having to press on to "Muan City" in the dead of night. Azure skies, warm and no wind.

5.4.2008 Sunday

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Ventured on in early morning to the charming city of Mokpo. Crowded streets and precariously stacked houses sprawl across low mountains and hills in this port city. Saw a great statue of I-Sun-Shin, the great Korean Naval warrior of the 15th century atop Mt. Yudal. Went on to Jindo and took in killer vistas and anamatronic dinosaurs. Weather turned to absolute shit and I had to make a run for Haenam where I was taken in by a sweet little family. We passed the time until a break in the rain. I made it to Gangjin before weather forced me to stay the night.

5.5.2008 Monday

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Crisp, clear morning. No clouds. Left Gangjin and met a group of crotch rocket jocks before leaving town. Excellent scenery as I made my way to the Haenam-Gun peninsula. Wind picked up as I reached the southern coast. Rocky crags and smashing waves. The wind at sea level was almost unbarable. Excellent mountains and rolling hills gave splendid views of far expanding plains below. Mom and pop restaurant in farmers town told me to not pass up 'Boseong' and its tea terraces before heading home. I obliged. Boseong proved to be the highlight of the entire trip. enormous mountains, hairpin turns and spaghetti roads offered picturesque views of endless terraced tea fields. I bought some premium green tea at a local shop and began a race against daylight along route 1. Route 1 offered the best mountian passes of all! Darkness won out and I had to stay in Nonsan.

5.6.2008 Tuesday

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Started early at 8AM and began a sprint back to Ansan. I had to start work at 2PM! I made it back by noon, took a shower and then showed off my new sunburns to the crew at school.

Miles traveled: 780
Pictures taken: 400
Beers drunk: 4
Heart-stopping views: Countless

See Photos from the Ride!

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