Now available as an E-Book!

Now available as an E-Book!
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135 full-color pages of photos, stories, anecdotes, illustrations, journal pages maps and more!In addition to the four major sections on Yunnan, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand I have included some back story on both my first (and unsuccessful) attempt to motorcycle through China as well as how the planning for the trip came together.I have chosen the very best of the more than 4,000 photos from the trip as well as the most humorous, moving and fascinating of the several hundred anecdotes for Southeast Asia on 2 Wheels.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Trip Prep Underway

The Journey Begins on August 12th, 2008!

Some Things that need to be done before lift-off:
  • Secure a Chinese Visa. Praying that I can get a 60 day visa not a 30.
  • Shots for Hepatitis A & B. Don't' want to spend my trip in a toilet.
  • Working out a network of people to stay with.!

Some Major Things Already Taken Care of:

  • Airfare to Shanghai
  • International License (No Good in China, but better than nothing)
  • Tons of Money
  • Border research and due diligence
  • Up-to-Date Passport
  • Personal Documentation

Old Bike Sold. Preparing for Big Ride!

My time here in Korea is coming to a close. I will return to the U.S. briefly to see a good friend get married (and you thought I was adventurous,) see the family etc. Then, On August 12th, I will fly to Shanghai to begin my ride across asia!

Bike Sold
Sold Vagabond II, my Korean Daelim Daystar 125cc to a U.S.A.F. soldier for $700. Not too bad when you consider I bought it for $800. Being on foot sucks, though!

Article to Be Published
A travel article I wrote about my ride across Korea on Bike will be published in the August edition of the expat magazine Eloquence here in Korea. I will have a 2-page spread featuring my 825 word article and photos from the trip. This is my first published and paid for article!

Featured in Column in Korea Herald
My political writings were featured in the popular column Kaleidescope in the daily national newspaper, the Korea Herald last week. Thank you Kim Seong-Kon!

Preparing for Ride
The Big Ride is coming - August 12th. I will start near Shanghai, China where I will buy a local motorcycle and ride it west into Yunnan Province. Then, I will take it through Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and hopefully Australia. Now I am busy preparing - have to get some vaccinations, get some visas and work out some details here and there. Can't wait!