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Now available as an E-Book!
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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Over as soon as it began..

Believe it or not - I have some shocking news. I have decided to delete the "motorcycle" from this "motorcycle adventure." That's right, I am getting rid of the bike today (if I can.)

I took this ride because I wanted a freeing and liberating experience. In China, it is neither free nor liberating to do this. Here are the reasons why I have made this decision:

1. It is illegal. I am not a Chinese resident.
2. It is a constant stress worrying about running into cops - cops are everywhere.
3. 400 miles in, it is clear to me that the roads I have to use-national roads- are so poor, so dangerous that it just isn't worth it.
4. It took 7 hours to go about 200 miles. My visa will expire before I can reach Yunan.
5. This bike just isn't sturdy enough for this kind of punishment. 2 days ago, there was a road that was just golf-ball sized loose rocks. This bike - cute as it is - was never meant for that kind of abuse.
6. It is all exhaustion and no fun. This isn't like riding in Korea or the US.

Anyway, I will continue my travels - I will just do it with buses and trains like a normal human. In Laos, Cambodia etc., I will rent a motorcycle to take fun rides, because tourists can do that. They have shoppes for this purpose.

I realize this news may be kind of shocking, but yesterday I thought long and hard about it. I wanted adventure, not misery. I think I'd rather just enjoy traveling the world, and not worrying about it. Hope you understand.

I will continue to use this as my travel blog. Then, when I rent bikes in SE Asia, I will post pics of riding there. In the future I will continue to use this blog for my motorcycle trips.


Mark Maupin said...

Hey Little Bro,

I think its great that you are assesing your trip on a day by day basis. Way to stay "present!"

Miss you like always! Be safe and keep up the posts!

Wess Gray Photographer said...

You "gotta do what you gotta do", this doesn't sound like taking Highway 81 south to the Red River,
We look forward to you keeping us informed.
And to quote John Lennon, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans".

Michael Morford said...

Yo Homeslice!
Really bummed that the reality wasn't as great as the dream. No worries, though! You still get to travel a crazy-big, mysterious country! Keep us posted! (btw, not sure if you heard, but rumor in Dallas is that your brother is wanted in 23 states for "being THAT ugly". Wow. I didn't even know you could be that ugly. :-D