Now available as an E-Book!

Now available as an E-Book!
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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Man - Long Time, No Blog!

Chumphon, Thailand

As you may have seen, Thailand is a bit of a mess lately with the whole 'overthrowing the government' business going on. I will try to paraphrase what happened and then start blogging again from this moment forward.

After Bangkok, I made my way south to several great cities - Petchaburi with its wonderful mountaintop stupas and charming river festival, then Prachaub Khiri Khan which had wonderful seaside appeal, and finally to Chumphon where I fell in love with the nearby town of Sawi (where I wish to buy a home someday - to get away to). Then I crossed by ferry to the Island of Koh Samui where I met up with Hiromi. That's when the fun (and the trouble) really began!

At Koh Samui we:
* Rode elephants and saw coconut retrieving monkeys.
* Stayed in a 5-star resort
* Saw a thai boxing match - including two viscious 11 year olds!
* Got tons of Thai massages
* Learned how to cook Thai food

We also:
* Got rained on constantly
* Got stranded because of a government overthrow
* Got ripped off sometimes.

I will spare all the details, but let me just say it has taken tons of phone calls, emails and sweat and toil to finally get Hiromi on a flight OUT of Thailand! So..

Now I will briefly visit the Myanmar border to renew my visa (but I will not enter into Myanmar!). Then, I'll go north toward Bangkok to take a massage education course and get a license! Why not - it's only 5 days and I can make money later with it. We'll see where it goes. Then it's on to Laos to sell the bike, and probably bring the journey to a close.

I will post more pics soon!

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