Now available as an E-Book!

Now available as an E-Book!
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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Motorcycle License: Is it Necessary?

This is a question I get sometimes from other riders. My simple answer is: "Sort of." Unlike the U.S., U.K. and other highly developed nations, Laos & Cambodia operate with looser rules. Basically, I recommend having SOMETHING to show the authorities if you get stopped.  You can get an international license like this one online for really cheap. I like this particular one because it has a hologram on it and is printed on a really 'official-looking' card. In the paper booklet that comes with the international license, you can just mark the motorcycle permit area yourself. Done.

Now about China. In theory, an international license is invalid in China and you need an official Chinese license to get around. Unfortunately, this is off-limits to the visiting foreign tourist. What are you to do? I got stopped several times, and I showed the international license. The cop would call headquarters and talk to someone for a while then let me go. The key to getting out of this: use a lot of English, and speak quickly. If you aren't making trouble, chances are the cops will just let you go to get rid of the hassle. Stay out of big city centers!

Thailand, I got stopped by a cop and he took my license and went back to his car. I ran away. Probably not the smartest thing I've done.

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tushay said...

Hi Chris,

I'm developing a travel company and one of my new trips is crossing SE Asia on a motorcycle + sidecar. I need your wealth of knowledge. Can I pick your brain?